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Parker Cosmetology Training

Did you know that the nation’s cosmetology industry provides first jobs and career opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds? And that is has a broader representation of women and minorities than the overall U.S workforce? In fact, it is accurate to state that...

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Getting the Best Nail School in Parker

 Despite the economic recession, the cosmetology and beauty industry have experienced a steady growth over the past 5 years further explaining the growth in employment opportunities in these industries. In fact, a recent report predicted a 3.9% increase in revenue...

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Laser Training Parker; Live Your Dream

Looking to become a part of the multi-billion dollar clinical beauty industry? Well this is just the right read for you. Photo facials and laser treatment are currently two of the most popular sectors of the clinical beauty enhancement sector. Blame it on the baby...

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Hair Schools In Parker

This is what You Should Know About Hair Schools Although hairdressers are commonly associated with the technical aspects of their job, it goes unsaid that they do more than just cutting and styling hair. In fact, according to Scott. J. Buchanan, the chairman of the...

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