Hair Styling Course

When you look at cosmetology as the giant subject it is, you can find several courses and areas of expertise. Beauty schools like Stacey James Institute offer several available courses for all things beauty, but what if you only want to take the hair styling course?

If this is your specific area of beauty you want to learn, you can keep your learning focuses on this subject! Hair styling in itself is a major part of cosmetology, and not everyone realizes just how deep of a subject it is. You’ll need to spend several hours learning how to be a hairstylist, and it’s far from easy!

Taking A Hair Styling Course

Like any career, when you take a hair styling course, you will be awarded with credit hours. You need these hours to become licensed. Now, most hair stylists will all take the basic courses, such as shampooing and bleaching. Other courses are offered, as well, and you may need to pick and choose what to learn to get your credits all added up to become licensed and be working in a salon. For those who desire to open their own hair styling salon, they will need additional classes, such as business and management training.

Taking just one hair styling course can be beneficial, but you’ll need to enroll in more than just a basic overview class in order to become licensed. At the Stacey James Institute, we offer several courses on hair styling that equal up to 1200 credit hours.

Like anything else, hair styling is a real job that takes a lot of work and dedication. It’s more than a quick class about cutting hair, but instead, several courses all designed to get you ready for the cosmetology exams that will allow you to become a licensed hair stylist in Denver.

Hair Styling Courses

Our cosmetology program is the best in Denver. Through our courses, you can become fully prepared for your exams as a hairstylist, and eventually a salon owner.

The Basics

We offer all of the core courses that are needed for mastering the basics.

  • Hair coloring
  • Hair cutting
  • Hair styling

As well as practical skills courses that cover other important techniques and routines for a job as a hairstylist. These include:

  • Shampo
  • Conditioning
  • Bleaching
  • Chemicals


Most of our basic classes are over 200 hours each in total, which will help you get all of the credits you need quickly. However, many of our students are very ambitious, and have big dreams of a future as a successful hairstylist. Because of this, our advanced classes are also very popular, especially for those pursuing an associates degree in cosmetology.

Courses are offered for a more advanced approach to learning cosmetology as a hairstylist include:

  • Law & regulations
  • Management & ethics
  • Sanitation & safe work practices

As you can see, there is no simple hair styling course that can instruct you to the level you’ll need in order to pursue this option as a real career. Come visit us with any questions about enrollment you may have!

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