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Many Americans in Denver and Colorado dream of going to beauty school, but it’s not uncommon to be worried you don’t have what it takes. Like any career, Cosmetology requires practice, patience, effort, and time to perfect. Through courses, training, and real-life practice where you can work on your skills in a hands-on way, you can become certified as a Cosmetologist.

The first step to achieving that goal, however, is making sure you have what is needed to apply for the Stacey James Institute; the top Cosmetology school in Colorado. It’s also important to get some of the basic questions out of the way before taking the leap and starting your new journey in the beauty field.

Beauty School FAQ

Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to be a student at the Stacey James Institute? These are our most commonly asked questions regarding the process to become a student. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Q: Do I Need A Highschool Diploma?

In order to get into the program, will you need to have finished High School? Beauty school is a continued platform of education after high school, and it poses as a trade school.

A: You Need A Highschool Equivalent.

In order to take our cosmetology courses, as well as anywhere else in most states, you will need either your High School Diploma or a GED, or other form of equivalency. Unfortunately, you will need this prior to applying and beginning classes with us. It’s easy to get signed up for GED classes in Colorado, so if you’re lacking a diploma but have big dreams for beauty school, don’t give up just yet.

Q: How Much Is Tuition?

All education comes at a price. College tuition is known for being expensive, even in trade schools or niche academic specialities. In addition to general tuition costs, our potential students are most curious about the availability of financial aid or scholarships.

A: Our Rates Are Competitive

At Stacey James, we don’t publicly post our tuition fees, since they can vary depending on what is involved. However, we do remain competitive and accessible in the changing economic climate around Denver. Stacey James Institute is accredited with NACCAS, so financial aid may be a possibility.

Q: Am I Guaranteed A Job?

Everyone wants to be sure they can find work, and income, in the field they choose to dedicate their life to. Though beauty school is a less demanding career option than some, it does take money and time to get certified, so it’s natural to be concerned about the availability of job placement in this industry.

A: Over 80% Job Placement Rate

Our students have all graduated with 100% success at passing board exams, and have gone on to prove a 88% job placement rate among our graduates. Over 60% who enroll will go on to graduate from our beauty school courses, and we have many former students and now highly skilled cosmetologists who have even opened their own salon.

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