Cosmetology School in Colorado

Finding a school for any potential career path can be tricky, especially if you’re hoping to find a great place to grow as a cosmetologist. Trusting where to enroll can be a big commitment, both with your time and financial, and you’re trusting them with your future.

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Cosmetology School

Trying to find the best cosmetology school in Colorado? By using these five helpful tips, you can narrow down your search and find the best place to enroll! At the Stacey James Institute, we’re always happy to answer any questions and invite potential students to explore everything we have to offer, and to put us to the test with these 5 steps to ensure we’re the best option for you.

1. Check Out Their Website Completely

Any great Cosmetology school will have a website to visit that details most, if not all, relevant information that you need before enrollment. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Programs and courses offered
  • Services offered on campus
  • Financial information
  • About the school
  • Contact information
  • Photo galleries
  • Awards, licenses, or other positive mentions

As you visit the website, make sure you’re watching the language they use, and where the focus tends to lie. Many schools will have specific areas of focus, such as hairstyling or Estheticians.

2. Create A List Of Questions

You’ll obviously want to know important things related to tuition, financial aid, the length of the programs, as well as the types of beauty programs they offer. A list of courses and important details related such as start times, part-time versus full-time courses, and their chosen products are great things to ask of, but there are dozens of major questions that may come up while you’re exploring the website and considering this as your future career.

3. Schedule A Tour

Before agreeing to a course, it’s helpful to get a tour of the school, or even sit in on a class to see what your daily life will be like during your time within the program. Bring your list of questions, and be open to talking to other students and paying close attention to everything you see, hear, and experience during your visit.

4. Check References

A lot of reviews you may find online will refer more to the services received rather than the education. It’s better to avoid googling reviews on your potential school, and instead look for direct references. Former and current students will be the best source of valuable insight to what the course is like, the classes and people, and the training procedures. You want to enjoy the school you’ll be spending a lot of time at.

5. Schedule An Appointment

If you want a real sneak peek into what a particular school is like, just get a service done! At the Stacey James Institute, we offer hair and spa services, so you can experience firsthand what the students are like, the types of training they are receiving, and the general vibe of the course. Plus, you’ll get to see the products they use, and some of the procedures you can expect to learn!

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