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Meet Our Team

Owner/ CEO

Stacey James

Stacey James has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and is the owner and CEO of Stacey James Salon & Spa, as well as Stacey James Institute. When Stacey opened “Stacey James Salon & Spa” in Parker over 10 years ago, she found it difficult to hire stylists who had the technical and creative skills required for today’s beauty industry. Stacey saw a need and decided to fill it. Soon after opening her Salon she also created and opened “Stacey James Institute”, a full-service Cosmetology & Esthetic School. 

Executive Director

Patty Westra

Patty has been with Stacey James for over 5 years and loves her job. She has been in the beauty industry for over 43 years, and has been in education for 30 years. Prior to working at Stacey James, Patty was in retirement and previously an educator with Avalon School of Cosmetology.
“From students to staff, this culture breeds a camaraderie that benefits all,” says Patty.

Assistant Director

Chelsea Kroeze

Chelsea is a licensed cosmetologist and has been in the industry for 11 years. Her passion is to lead and inspire individuals in finding their own path in the beauty industry. Chelsea is a country girl from Iowa City, Iowa. Her favorite things to do outside of work are country swing dancing, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

assistant director

Nacole Turner

Nacole has been doing hair since 2013 and is obsessed with making everyone feel and look beautiful. From coast to coast, her love for beauty has been the common denominator. All fields of cosmetology warm her heart, but she ultimately admires curly hair and making curls straight. Techniques change, but smiles carry on.

cosmetology Educator

David Chizek

Master Stylist, International platform artist and educator! As a dual certified Master Artist with Aquage, Rusk and the Beautyquest group, David is part of a creative team that fashions the hottest and trendiest haircut collections. Being a part of this exclusive group of creatives allows him the opportunity to also be a part of the editorial styling and educational processes of the collections. Who doesn’t love to get published?

David’s modern and methodological approach to hair has made him Beauty quest’s most requested and sought-after educators across all their platforms.

Cosmetology Educator

Stevee Dickerson

My name is Stevee and I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since 2012. I’ve also been a certified hair color educator since 2017. I have a passion for makeup, especially special effects! My favorite thing to do is to be on the scene of fashion shows, photo shoots and haunted houses. I love teaching because it fills my cup to know I’ve helped shaped the future of hairstylists; the ah-ha moments are the best. If I’m not teaching or in the salon, you can find me in the mountains with my bulldog!  

Cosmetology/esthetics educator

Miriam Webster

I am Miriam Webster and I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 20 years. In those 20 years, I’ve worked behind the chair making people beautiful and feel good about themselves.

After about 7 or 8 years behind the chair and in the salon, I decided to explore what being an educator in the industry would be like. I have currently 12 years of experience in education. Within that time, I was a clinic floor supervisor, a director of a cosmetology school and experienced the financial aid part of cosmetology and esthetics students. I am currently back into the education of cosmetology and esthetics, and loving every moment of it. Loving what you do means you will never work a day in your life!

Cosmetology/esthetics educator

Carliette Lemoine a.k.a Charlie

Charlie is a Colorado native and has been doing hair for 10 years. She’s always had a passion for doing hair, and her end goal was to become an educator. She is trained and Redken certified. She continuously keeps up on current trends while educating herself. Her goal is to challenge the new generation and teach them to think outside the box—to the break the rules.

Cosmetology/esthetics educator

Heidi Millard

Hi Im Heidi! I’ve been in the beauty industry for 9 years. I am a Colorado native and my love for the outdoors is equal to the love I have for the beauty industry. My passions are color, and lashes. I truly found my calling when I became an educator in this amazing beauty industry. When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with my beautiful family.

Cosmetology/esthetics educator

Kassandra Collins 

I was born in Denver, CO and went to Cosmetology school after having had a career in the airline industry. Upon completing my first haircut, I knew I had found my passion and therefore my career. I have been in the Cosmetology/ Esthetics industry and a business owner for over 33 years. Each phase of learning in this industry I have embraced with unbridled enthusiasm. After completing 650 hours of additional esthetic education, I obtained my stand-alone Esthetic License. I have found a whole new passion within my chosen field as I have had the privilege to teach at Stacey James Institute. It has been like a dream I never knew I had.

esthetics educator

Larissa Komenda

I have been in the Esthetic Medical Industry for over 20 years with experience in: Business ownership, Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Laser, and all medical skin care needs. I’ve been an educator to all my clients and professionally educated for over 7 years. Education is my true passion. Nothing makes your heart skip a beat like seeing the light click in the new esthetician’s mind when she or he understands something you have explained to them. Pure Joy!

Cosmetology educator

Gwyn Dominick

Gwyn has 25+ years in teaching and cosmetology. She loves being a mom, reading, crafting, and movies. “As an instructor at Stacey James Institute, I provide equitable access to education on the topics of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nails. It is my hope that students feel comfortable and able in my classroom. We grow and learn together.”

Barbering educator

Frank Rupoli

Frank is a third generation Barber/Stylist. He has been in the industry for 46 years and spends a lot of time behind the chair. He was a platform artist for Oster Clipper Co. for over 25 years. He has been educating barber and cosmetology students for over a decade and thrives on educating and helping to make our industry great.


Sarah Lark

 A vibrant, charismatic young woman: Sarah was brought onto our team as the front desk receptionist. This is her first year in the beauty industry and she is loving every second of it. Her background in media has led her to be the head photographer in our most recent photo shoot.  When she’s not scheduling appointments or answering phone calls, you’ll find her behind a camera capturing life’s purest moments. 

financial aid

Renae MacGregor

Renae has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and has been an avid waxer for the past 4 years. Prior to working at Stacey James Institute, Renae was in management and bookkeeping with a wide variety of experience in administration. Renae is a military spouse of 12 years and previously lived in Texas with her husband. She loves her Financial Aid position and connecting with students.

Client service specialist

Jodi Chizek

.Jodi is what people call a day maker! For over the last 26 years, as a Managing Licensed Nail Technician in Ohio, she has owned and operated 3 boutique beauty salons with her husband, David. As an owner/operator Jodi was a “Jill of all trades” overseeing and managing employees, running the books, scheduling appointments, and very well versed in all things customer service – all while serving her own clients as a successful Nail Technician. She brings with her a deep passion and love for the beauty industry to Stacey James Institute.

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