When you hear the words the perfect blowout, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you picture a fresh-faced Serena VanDerwoodsen, welcoming in yet another juicy, secrets filled season of Gossip Girl back in the good old days. The flawlessly sculpted blowout look has been an iconic style staple in women’s hair for years, and it won’t be dying down anytime soon.

Mastering the perfect blowout will keep you ready for prom season, senior pictures, and bridal appointments all year round, and give you some brownie points with the other stylists in cosmetology school. While many hair styling courses can teach you how to get this gorgeous look, a little introduction to the basics won’t hurt a bit!

4 Simple Steps To A Perfect Blowout

The classic “blowout” style is more of a technique than it is a specific look. In fact, it’s used to refer to a very healthy, in depth way to wash, dry, and style your hair. It’s used by stylists, so it’s gotten a very glam, professionally look to it, despite it being quite versatile. To achieve the perfect blowout, just follow these 4 steps and throw in your own charm as you go to make it unique to you alone!

1. Wash Your Hair With Shampoo Designed For Them

As a stylist, you have your favorite products, but what works best for you… might not be ideal for everyone. Take a good look at your client’s hair, or your own if you’re practicing, and choose a shampoo that is designed for that texture and type of hair. You may need volumizing for flat, lackluster hair, or repairing shampoo for color treated or damaged hair. It’s very important to stick with what is best for the hair, and wash thoroughly. Once you’re done and rinsed, add conditioner to the ends only.

2. Dry Gently And Add Product Into Their Hair

You don’t want to apply heat to very wet hair. Instead, gently take a towel and blot dry until it’s no longer dripping wet. Next, you can begin to work in product, depending on the need of the hair. Some hair that is dry will need some extra shine, while damaged hair could use serums for strengthening. Again, take care to pay attention to the unique needs of the hair you’re working with.

3. Thoroughly Brush And Blow Dry The Hair

Section the hair and begin to brush it downwards, removing all tangles or knots. You can do this part as you cut the hair, too. Once you’ve finished with the trimming details, and all sections have been freed of tangles and knots, it’s time to grab the blow dryer. Use a round brush and use a hair dryer on a low setting, curling the hair as you blow dry outwards.

4. Set The Style And Teach How To Maintain It!

Once you have fully dried each section, removed the pins, and allowed the hair to fall into place perfectly… set the style! Turn the hair dryer to cold and give it a quick once over to lock the hair into place, and maybe touch up with some hairspray. Now, it’ll stay beautiful and sleek until the next shower. What a great time to upgrade your client on some dry shampoo, huh?

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