With the summer months in full swing, many women from all over the country are looking for the best ways to effienctly, and as painlessly as possible, wax remove hair from their bodies. There is more than one method of achieving this result, but if you’re a beginner or a bit rusty on the act, some of these basics will help you decide the best route for you.

Different Waxing Methods

Though the results should be identical, not all waxing methods are the same, and you have some options when it comes to how, and where, you want to get the deed done. Know your method options!

Using Hard Wax

Hard wax isn’t as popular or inexpensive as soft wax, and it’s best used for the most stubborn, small areas. This method is pretty much painless, since the wax will fully harden and only stick to the hairs it removes instead of your skin, so you suffer less irritation.

Using Soft Wax

This is the most popular way of waxing. Adhesive strips are placed on the wax, and when it cools, it’s still a bit like putty. Ripping off the wax is done quickly, so the sticky strips pull out the hair. It can hurt a bit more, but it’s affordable and is capable of covering large areas.

Professionally Done

If you are a student at a Cosmetology School in Denver, it’s important to know how to effectively complete a wax job. Many women prefer a professional to do the hard work for them, and it’s more money in your pocket, so you should suggest a professional to anyone who asks. 

At-Home Kits

In a salon, you can also buy at-home wax kits, which aren’t always as effective as a professional application. When using (or selling) these kits, be sure to include any information they may need, and practice with some yourself. Being careful with these is key, so follow the instructions perfectly.

How To Prepare

Before waxing, a few simple steps should be taken to ensure it’s the best job possibly done. If you’re preparing for your own waxing session or giving advice to a client, make sure these steps are followed!

1. Exfoliate & Wash

Keeping your skin clean, fresh, and stripped of ingrown hairs and dead skin cells is the recipe for success with waxing. 1-2 days before getting the job done, you should carefully (but gently!) deeply exfoliate the areas you’ll be waxing. Next, it’s important to keep them clean, but don’t over moisturize them.

2. Get The Timing Right

Hair that is too short or too long is tricky to wax, so time your sessions about 3 weeks apart. If it’s a growth cycle for your hair, you may want to bump that appointment up to 2 weeks instead.

3. Pay For The Quality You Want

Cheap, at-home kits sound great to so many, but they rarely get a complete and beautiful result. The only way to ensure a perfect finish is by letting a professional handle the waxing for you, but if you have to do an at-home kit, go for a higher end choice.

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