Too often, the art of cutting men’s hair go overlooked in favor of the intricate styles and techniques that come with cutting a woman’s hair. However, this isn’t fair or professional, and though it may be ‘less fun’, cutting men’s hair is just as important and should be handled with equal skill.

In all hair cutting courses, they have a section of your training that will cover cutting and styling men’s hair. You’ll learn about texture differences, style points, the importance of clean shaven lines, and razor heads.

For aspiring cosmetologists and hair stylists, it’s important you get a firm grasp on the details for cutting men’s hair, and frequently refresh your memory. Here are 6 important details that will help you give a great cut every time a man walks into your salon!

6 Men’s Hair Cutting Hacks

Following these essential details will keep you on track and bring you to a successful tim, style, cut, or shave anytime you have a man in need. Cutting men’s hair can be fun and just as challenging if you let yourself enjoy it.

1. Section the hair first

When you get started, it’s important to get your sections in place. This will keep you organized and help you line up the length later, as well as understand the style he wants. You should have 5-7 sections, depending on the length of the hair. Front top, front back, bottom, sides, and side-burn areas. Don’t lose your sections as you continue!

2. Ask for feedback

With men’s hair, there is much less room for error in most cases than a whole head of lush, female locks. Work slowly and communicate about length, thickness, and style as you go. This should be a fairly frequent check-in.

3. Plan plenty of time

An easy temptation for many stylists, even experienced ones, is to try and squeeze in a quick cut for a man between appointments. They do this under the assumption that it’ll be a quick, easy job… but that can turn into a mess real quick if your man has some specific style needs.

4. Prepare for your tools

Different hair cutting utensils will need a different set-up. If you’re going to be using scissors, make sure they are sharp and ready. Next, dampen the hair. When you’re ready to switch to some electric clippers, make sure the hair is completely dry first!

5. Start bottom up

When you use clippers, you want to begin at the base of the man’s neck, and slowly work your way up from there in short strokes. Always return back to the starting point at the base for each new stroke to keep the cut even the whole way through.

6. Blend, blend, blend!

Make sure you’re being as symmetrical as possible! Mistakes and miscut sections of the hair will be glaringly obvious, especially the shorter the style. Fade the longer areas into the shorter, shaved parts. If they’re chosen style includes a longer top section, make sure you’re thinning out and blending that with the sides and back. It should all be one cohesive piece, not different obvious sections that don’t connect or match.

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