Out of the dozens of Denver cosmetology schools, a budding expert in beauty has plenty of options to choose from to get licensed. With a cosmetology license, you can pick from several different career paths and niches out there for a makeup artist.

Just Starting Out

Makeup artist school will give you a great start into beginning your career as a real, certified beautician. For many cosmetologists, this means a lifelong career in makeup and design. If you’re just beginning, you probably have some big dreams, but you’ll need a solid foundation to start off with.

Independent Artist

So, you know you want to do makeup for a living, but you aren’t sure which kind? Many artists start out as a jack of all trades, dabbling a little in different niches and finding their foothold in the beauty world. Working as an independent artist gives you the chance to explore all sorts of paths.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup artists are always in demand. After getting licensed, set up a website or join a company that is hiring experts in this niche and begin perfecting that soft glam look.


If you live near a great theater, or even just want to start networking with community theaters, give thematic makeup a try. It’s a great place to start and gives you a professional ladder to climb.

Careers With The Highest Makeup Artist Salary

Everyone dreams of making it big, right? Even a makeup artist craves the lush, lavish lifestyle of an iconic artist like Robin Black or Patrick Ta. These careers make the most money in the industry, but it takes work to get there.


Doing makeup for the stars is the best way to make a very hefty income, and it’s always going to be an industry that is hiring!


The life and job of a runway makeup artist is stressful and on fast-forward mode, but the compensation is a beautiful thing. Plus, the travel opportunities!

Television & Movies

Doing the soft, enhancing makeup for the silver screen and hit TV shows will also bring in an excellent chunk of money per project, and always has open doors.


Working for a magazine or makeup company that has print ads is a great way to keep a steady income flowing, especially the bigger the print brand is.

Ways To Advance Your Career

How to get from just starting out to the highest paid salary? Advance your career in 3 steps!

1. Become A Brand Ambassador

Social media marketing is what the world is about these days. Reach out to makeup companies and ask for sponsorship and frequently showcase their products on your accounts.

2. Design Your Brand & Products

Creating your own lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other products will also help you skyrocket to the top. Just look at Jaclyn Hill and Kylie Jenner!

3. Offer Classes

Once you’ve gotten a nice following and some traction, spread the knowledge. Advertise makeup seminars and classes, and maybe reach out to other artists for collabs.

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