Esthetics Course

An Esthetician is a licensed healthcare and beauty professional, focusing on wellness and relaxation of the mind and body. Most of the work done by an Esthetician is to help keep skin and other parts of the body young, soft, and healthy.

Skills Learned In An Esthetics Course

Curious about enrolling in an Esthetics course? Great!

During this program, you will master several skills and become state licensed, making it possible to practice esthetics and many other beauty skills in your state. There are several aspects to an Esthetics course, and to become fully licensed, you’ll complete every area of training.

Skin Care

The most important thing you’ll learn in your Esthetics course is general and specialized skin care. This includes facials, make-up, products & ingredients, technique, consultation, and much more. Every day, you’ll learn something valuable and new in this 210 hour course. Much of what you learn here will overlap into other areas of your training, and this is the basis of what it takes to become an Esthetician.

The Law & Rules

You’ll also be required to learn both state and federal law regarding esthetics, and how to apply this knowledge to your own practice. Working under state code is key for your success in a solo career, as well as getting hired to a salon or a spa. This is a short section of your coursework, being only 30 hours long.


Another 30 hours of your total credits will be dedicated to improving interpersonal skills and management technique. Professionalism and salesmanship as well as a friendly personality are key to success with a career in Esthetics.

Safety & Sanitation

Of course, you can’t complete the course without thoroughly learning the dangers of bacteria and infection. This 210 hour course will train you how to sanitize, disinfect, and maintain a safe, clean workplace and equipment to prevent your clients from harm.

FAQ About Esthetics

A lot of questions about becoming an esthetician tend to be a main factor in procrastinating or even preventing potential students from enrolling. With so many potential career paths, esthetics is a great career road to consider!

How Long Is An Esthetics Course?

Typically, you’ll be dealing with a 9 month program. At the Stacey James Institute, we have several different courses that will help you begin a licensed and professional esthetician, totaling out to 600 course hours. Every 14 weeks is a new course, around the dates of March 28, July 11, and October 17.

What Does It Take To Enroll?

You must be 16 years of age with a valid ID and a level of education and proof of completion. These specifics may vary, or you can pass an ATB test. You will also need an open schedule for classes, training, home-work, and everything else related to course involvement.

Why Should I Become One?

Without an Esthetician license, you should not be performing any form of beauty service, including eyelashes, eyebrows, or massages. Obtaining this license can help you in many different career goals, including cosmetology or medical.

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