The vision for Stacey James Institute was formed out of Stacey’s creative talent and her desire for students to have the best quality education possible. At Stacey James Institute we have a learning environment that is state of the art, upbeat, positive, and comfortable. We use a hands on approach to learning and recognize that every student is also our client. We feel that every student should graduate feeling confident to enter the industry ready to work. We want you to feel confident in knowing the retro styles along with the current trends in the industry. We’ll give you the opportunity to learn in a working environment and to experience situations that salons have daily.  There will always be a professional in attendance making sure you are comfortable every step of the way with your education. In fact we require that our instructors have a minimum of 2 years documented experience working “hands on” in the industry and we also put them through continual training.  Many Stacey James instructors have built successful careers and currently still maintain an active clientele. Their goal is to pass their knowledge of the industry on to you, and to give you the tools to succeed in the ever changing beauty world.

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